Journey of Passion

Italian Fisogni Museum’s international touring exhibition concept, JOURNEY OF PASSION, celebrates the aesthetics of mechanics, dreams of the good life, and myths of fuel. Based on founder Guido Fisogni’s lifelong journey of passion. His unique collection of over 5,000 pieces of industrial art from the whole world.

JOURNEY OF PASSION offers museums, galleries, and venues of design, fashion, food, cars, media, oil, and tech journeys of passion. Showcasing Mussolini’s fuel pump from 1930. Design icons as Michelin’s symbol, Bibendum. With postcards, graphic art or fashion from the period. Real stuff interpreted with the right hair-do, sunglas ses, run jackets, and jeans.

Download exhibition book (PDF 2.39 MB)

„Have been able to put together a collection which the experts of industrial art judge to be unique and particularly rich.“



Artefacts and projections. Film, soundtrack and photos. Added the smell of oil, tyres, exhaust, and tobacco. Offering audiences aged 50+ a walk down memory lane. And an engaging first experience to others. Custom-designed shipping containers of glass and steel. Flexible, easy to handle and ship. Giant showcases. Ready to enjoy on site. Outdoor or indoor. Installations to enter or enjoy through glass or as projections. Pop-up events. Workshops. ThinkTanks. Temporary or permanent exhibitions. Inviting various international audiences to recall or discover intense emotions for the first time. Blending history, aesthetics, tech, fashion, food, and lifestyle in surprising and innovative settings.

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