190 petrol pumps and over 5000 pieces related to oil companies and fuel distribution. Designer graphics, design objects, toys and tools.

Since the end of the 19th century the petrol station has achieved more and more importance. The prominent technological evolution required refueling system always more automated and safe.
In less than a century, the petrol station has developed into a fundamental item for every day life.

Fisogni Museum of the Petrol Stations, rather unique in its type, including more than 5000 pieces of industrial archaeology collected by Guido Fisogni.

The colllection doesn’t number only the petrol pumps but also everything concerning petrol stations: globes, containers, advertising boards for roads and locations, air compressors, fire extinguishers, tools, gadgets, toys and photographs.

The museum also contains a complete collection of technical drawings which are appropriately conserved in a historical archive.

In this section we present a selection of the best pieces of the collection, new photos every week on our Facebook page!

These pieces are not for sale. However you may order the photographic book with all their photos.

Take a virtual tour of the Fisogni Museum.

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