1919 – Bergomi models


1919 – Bergomi models

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In Italy, the Milanese Societa Anonima Bergomi had been active since 1908 in the field of storage, pumping and measuring of fuels, and held among others some important German patents on fire prevention systems.

The end of the war marked, also for Bergomi, the beginning of a period of new and more up-to-date equipment: in 1896, Italy boasted a fleet of forty-five motor vehicles; by 1919, the number had leapt to 23,883 cars, 10,613 trucks and 337 buses.

A drawing from that same year, executed by the Ufficio Tecnico Bergomi, shows a little measuring pump, used mostly in garages, with crank and stopping devices clearly inspired by American models.

Other pumps of this sort, this time for roadside applications, appear in Bergomi designs from 1922 to 1926, some of which (after 1923) are crowned by one or two glass measuring vessels.

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