1924 – Bergomi and Victoria


1924 – Bergomi and Victoria

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Siap and Nafta dominated the nascent Italian distribution market, and were soon joined in 1924 by the Societa’ Nazionale Oli Minerali, or Snom, whose gasoline, offered to the public under the auspicious name Victoria, was of Soviet origin.

The name Victoria is encountered in some Bergomi drawings representing roadside pumps of singular character, at least for Italy: the measuring was entrusted to a single twenty-liter vessel with a graded index (every five liters) increasing toward the top.

We don’t know if these pumps were actually built, but even if they were, there couldn’t have been very many of them.

The large American-style vessel, which appears in but a few other Bergomi designs and in only three decrees of certification, did not enjoy much fortune in Italy.

It had greater success in Great Britain where, for example, Bowser marketed an interesting model around 1925.

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