The world's largest collection of gas pumps and gas station related items.

The Fisogni Museum was founded by Guido Fisogni in 1966.

During the following years the Museum grew up, becoming the most complete collection in the world about the history of fuel pumps and gasoline distribution.

Today the Museum is composed by more than 5000 pieces divided among gas pumps, oil tanks, equipments like oil replacements, grease-cups, fire extinguishers, air compressors, etc. and an incredible number of accessories, gadgets and toys, having the logos of the petrol companies from the beginning of the past century.

The Museum provides also a very rich archive of technical designs and advertising materials continually consulted by engeneering students and designers.

Guido Fisogni, the founder of the petroliana Museum.

“To recuperate the past; to document the history of technical improvements; to confer, among other things, an esthetic dignity often unacknowledged as a result of a prejudice against the serial production of industrial objects – these have been the objectives of the past thirty years of impassioned research, and they remain as such even now that the disposition of the collection in a museum context allows a much clearer historical and esthetic reading of the collection as a whole, and of the individual objects of which it is constituted.”

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