Industrial equipment


Industrial equipment

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When the vendor found himself selling only fuel, he was forced by necessity to add service upon service in order to increase his income possibilities.

It was in this way that the pumps came to be flanked by other equipment, large and small, which also had to make its contribution to the global image ofthe place and its activity.

These tools and equipment were largely designed strictly for automobile applications; in cases where a tool already existed for other purposes, it was redesigned, in whole or in part, for use in filling stations, service stations, garages and repair shops.

Their esthetic evolution generally follows that of other tools: they provide that decidedly industrial fascination which comes from the materialization of a need, of a function, while at the same time trying to achieve a look, in keeping with the forces which transformed household goods, means of transport, and gasoline pumps, to name a few.

When the tools or equipment bore the trademark of another product, the intent to ennoble them with interesting forms and colors, or with non-functional decorative additions, is made all the more evident.

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