Shell and Agip: strategies


Shell and Agip: strategies

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An exceptional example of advertising philosophy is that of Shell U.K. Ltd. which, from 1932 to 1939, used its brochures as true showcases of graphic design, entrusting their realization to a large number of artists of the most disparate tendencies, some of them of the first order.

The quality of the product being a given, the Company sought to consolidate its image by suggesting an a idea of seriousness and trust- worthiness through the slogan, repeated on all its ad material, You can be sure of Shell.

The Italian Agip, having decided in 1926 to quickly conquer its share of an already crowded market (not to mention the political situation), focused its advertising on the modernity, but above all on the “italianit√†” of its product – if not of the primary material, at least of the refining and distribution.

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